Add an MX Record

Use the Mail Exchange (MX) is a DNS record that points to the server that handles your domain-related email delivery. You create an MX record for your domain that allows you to set up an email address. For example, you can create an MX record to create the email address user@yourdomain.com. You can send email without setting up the MX record for your domain name, but you cannot receive emails without it.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Control Panel at Rackspace.com.
  2. Select Networking > Cloud DNS.
  3. Click the gear icon next to your domain and select Add DNS Record.
  4. In the popup dialog box, select MX Record as the record type.
  5. Enter the following information;
  • The hostname for your domain (optional).
  • Mailserver Domai: Add mail.mailroute.net.
  • Priority: The MX record priority is a setting you will use when your domain name uses more than one mail server. The priority that you set for your MX record affects the load sharing and the order in which multiple mail servers are used, and also allows the use of primary and backup mail servers.
  • Time to live (TTL): TTL refers to the time it will take for your computer to refresh DNS information. It is referred to in seconds of time.

      6.  Click Add Record.


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