MX Record Configuration: Dreamhost

  1. Log in to your account at Dreamhost.
  2. Click Main Menu Select Mail and then Custom MX
  3. Under Manage Email Delivery, Click Edit next to the domain you will be using with MailRoute.
  4. Under Custom MX Records, note your existing MX records, in case you need them later.
  5. Delete any existing MX records.
  6. In the first entry where it says "MX record required", enter 10 mail.mailroute.net
  7. Select the checkbox "I will still check my email at Dreamhost"
  8. Click Update your custom MX records now!
  9. Be sure to set your mailservers here at MailRoute with the appropriate mail servers that Dreamhost specifies where it says "Dreamhost MX Records". They will look something like "mx1.sub3.homie.mail.dreamhost.com". You can learn more about setting your mailservers up at MailRoute here.

Dreamhost has their own article on using Dreamhost with outside email providers.

Please see under "Extra Step Needed For Anti-Spam Users" in the Dreamhost wiki link.

The only comment I can add to that is that their budgetary suggestions under Section 1 of "How to use an MSP with Dreamhost" is inaccurate. We're much less expensive than that!


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