MX Records: Dynadot

  1. Log into Mailroute.net and navigate to All Domains -> Delivery -> Inbound Servers
  2. Delete any existing MailServer entries (with the red ‘x’ on the right)
  3. Click Add, and enter mail.yourdomain.com, and a priority of 0, where you need to use the actual domain name hosted at Dynadot. 
  4. Log into Dynadot.com and navigate to Your Account -> Summary
  5. If using cPanel, select Local Mail Exchanger and make sure it saves
  6. Click on the cPanel login at the bottom of the page, under ‘Dynadot Hosting’, and log in to cPanel
  7. In the Mail section, click on MX Entry
  8. Select the domain name that’s associated with the e-mail accounts you want to filter
  9. Delete any existing MX Records
  10. Add a new record with priority 0 and destination mail.mailroute.net


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