MX Records: 1&1

  1. Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel.
  2. Click Manage Domains from the Domains panel.


      3.  Click the arrow icon next to the domain name in question to display an options menu.


      4.  Select Edit DNS Settings from the Domain Settings section of the options menu.


      5.  Delete any existing MX records.

      6.  Enter the following information: 

  • Select Other mail server radio button from the Mail Exchanger (MX Records) section.
  • MX 1
  • MailServer: mail.mailroute.net
  • Priority: 10

      7.  Click the Save button to save your changes.


      8.  A confirmation page is displayed informing you that the changes will be updated accordingly.

           As with all DNS changes, it may take up to one hour before  the changes are recognized by all servers/computers on the Internet.


 PLEASE TAKE NOTE: List mail.mailroute.net as your only MX. If you select to use the 1and1 servers as your backup you will stop receiving email.

 Source: http://help.1and1.com/domains-c36931/manage-domains-c79822/dns-c37586/editchange-the-domain-s-mail-servers-mx-record-a594907.html



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