Overview for Users

What is MailRoute?

MailRoute is an email filtering service. It's a cloud service -- one that exists on and runs over the internet. The nuts and bolts of how it all works are transparent to you. As an end-user, you can simply sit back and enjoy the safe and secure spam and virus free email environment that your email system administrators have created for you.

MailRoute is a service that sits between your mailbox and the rest of the world. It filters spam and viruses out of your email; bad mail is deleted, suspicious mail is quarantined, and clean mail is delivered. You can view your quarantine by logging into your MailRoute account or by reviewing a quarantine notification email that will arrive in your mailbox.


Quarantine Notifications

From within this email notification you can view a list of new mail in your quarantine. You can view each item and delete it, release it from quarantine so that it is delivered to your mailbox, or whitelist and release it. Whitelisting means that mail from that domain or mailbox will always be allowed through to you. You can also blacklist senders and domains from within your MailRoute account.


Using My MailRoute Account

Login to your MailRoute account here. If you don’t know your password, you can request a new one by clicking the link “Create a new password”.

Most users will find that the standard filter settings suit them perfectly, but if you have specific needs or want to tweak the settings, you can customize the filtering to your heart's content.


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