Allowing Mail from MailRoute

When moving to MailRoute, be sure we can relay email to your server!

Many service providers recommend that you lock down your mailserver to only accept email from them. Here's just a partial list of providers that we know that make this recommendation:

  • Postini (Google)
  • FrontBridge/ForeFront (Microsoft)
  • Sprint (a MS Reseller)
  • MessageLabs (Symantec)
  • MX Logic (McAfee/Intel)
  • GFI

If you're moving from one of these services, and you have locked down your mailserver, be sure to remove those restrictions when you start your MailRoute trial.

If you don't remove their restrictions, MailRoute can't relay email to your server. Your server will refuse or bounce messages.

We have a collection of articles here on how to configure your server to accept email only from MailRoute. Follow these instructions to remove the old restrictions and put the new ones in place.


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