MailRoute Benefits

MailRoute Fact Sheet

Industry Leader

  • 20 years of cloud-based email filtering experience

  • Blocks Ransomware and all security threats

  • Continuity delivers mail when your server cannot, 100% delivery uptime

  • Filtering uptime 99.999% guaranteed on MailRoute’s proprietary network of servers

  • 3x redundancy: No single point of failure

  • MailRoute’s servers run at no more than 33% capacity to ensure rapid traffic flow

  • Server agnostic – MailRoute works with all servers

  • Built-in load balancing

  • Ongoing development of new features

  • MailRoute service never becomes obsolete

Cost Savings & Benefits

  • 90+% reduction in traffic on your server by using MailRoute

  • Reduce bandwidth

  • Lower CPU and memory resource needs

  • 15 days of storage if your server goes down, or 30/60/90 days with Business Continuity

  • API provides unique functionality for account management

  • Re-branding of MailRoute's interface available 

  • Free 24/7 Customer Support

  • Meet federal compliance standards for ITAR and HIPAA

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Low entry cost

Easy Implementation

  • 60 seconds to setup and activate a MailRoute account

  • Free 30-day Trial

  • No hardware or software to install

  • Risk-free implementation

  • Set it & Forget it! No need for updates, costly upgrades or maintenance



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