About Aliases, Distribution Lists and Groups

About aliases, group addresses and/or distribution lists;

You can assign aliases, distribution lists and/or groups as an alias of one individual and that person would manage the group.

Or you can create a separate (paid) address for each, if you want different settings or allow/block or unique quarantines.

You can also create one paid account that acts as the "master" and make all the other groups aliases to it. You can choose based on cost or flexibility just which way would work for you.


Specifically on distribution lists;

If you make a distribution list an alias of an existing user, they'll share that user's settings and quarantine. Or, if you want distribution lists to have different settings than any user, you can make (and pay for) one 'user', and make all the distribution lists as aliases of that.

Keep in mind that checking the distribution lists box only allows filter settings that match your domain-wide settings. Distribution lists are billable if customization is required.


IMPORTANT: If you are using our newly released Continuity and Archiving Lite service, email directed at aliases will appear in its "parent" address' mailbox. Aliases do not need to log in to individual mailboxes to view their email. However, you will need to avoid aliasing distribution lists. Instead check the distribution box under the Email Accounts tab or leave it unchecked if you want it treated as a billable account for customization purposes. 


***NOTE: Assigning Aliases, Distribution Lists and/or Groups does not change the flow of your email. It just displays who is responsible for managing it in our system. If you create a dummy account to assign any of these to, then the admin or admins would be responsible for managing it by logging in and viewing the settings and folders. 

If you have questions or need assistance please contact support@mailroute.net.


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    We don't need/want separate quarantines for aliases, but we really need group aliases, that forward the email to all the participants in the group. We already have this on our own mail server, but on Mailroute there doesn't seem to be a way to add group aliases / group email addresses.

    It appears that we have to add a new "account" for each of these group emails. Correct?

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    R.A. Plecas

    Mail is delivered to your server and then distributed per your internal configuration. Using MailRoute will not affect your mail-delivery setup in-house. 

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