Email Accounts List (Populating your account)


A complete list of mailbox addresses on your domain(s) is essential for maximum protection. 

At any time during your 30-day trial, you can complete your list using one of several methods shown below, which will turn off the Auto-Add function that is included in your free trial.

On day 31, following your 30-day free trial, all addresses listed under Email Accounts will be considered legit and you will be invoiced.

The Email Accounts list provides access to each of the email accounts for which you are an Administrator.

Simply click on an address to edit it or to manage its settings, allow/blocklists and quarantine. Click the red X at the far right of the email account to delete it.

Important: Deleting an email account will delete it and all of its associated preferences and settings. There is no way to undo this!


Methods for Populating Your Account

Auto-Add occurs during your free 30-day trial, when we receive a clean piece of mail for your domain and your server verifies the address. Mail is delivered and the address is added to your Email Accounts list, marked as Auto-Added. Note that we cannot identify aliases through Auto-Add and need for you to reassign aliases on your Email Accounts list.

To complete your list of mailboxes, we offer these easy methods:

Manual input:

  1. Log in to the MailRoute interface at
  2. Select the All Domains tab
  3. Click on the domain you want to work on
  4. Select  the Email Accounts tab.
  5. Add an Email Account by clicking on the Add User button. 





Select "Bulk Add Email Accounts..." from the "Bulk Operations" menu. Enter the localparts of the Email Accounts into the dialog box. This is the part to the left of the "@" symbol in the email address.






Import email accounts from a text file. Select "Import..." from the "Bulk Operations" menu.




Reassign as Alias

Add aliases by clicking on the specific mailbox/account and click Add Alias to add a single account, or you can add multiple accounts via the Bulk Add Aliases option under the More Actions menu.

See this article on Account Aliases and + Addressing



If you've entered multiple email accounts, and you decide you want one or more of them to instead be an alias of another account, you can select Email Accounts, click the box next to the address and then choose Reassign as Alias from the More Actions menu. Type the email address that you wish to assign it to, then choose it from the auto-filling pulldown menu that appears. Click OK and that email address will be made into an alias.

**Aliases inherit the login and all settings of their "parent" address.


Distribution Lists

You can now mark your distribution lists by checking the box marked 'Distribution List'. This means that address will receive all of our protection but does not need login credentials, quarantine or custom settings. This also means it is now free of charge. 

You can find other ways to manage your distribution lists here.



  • IMPORTANT: If you are using our newly released Continuity and Archiving Lite service, email directed at aliases will appear in its "parent" address' mailbox. Aliases do not need to log in to individual mailboxes to view their email. However, you will need to avoid aliasing distribution lists. Instead check the distribution box under the Email Accounts tab or leave it unchecked if you want it treated as a billable account for customization purposes. 
  • NOTE: If you convert an address from a regular address to a distribution list, the aliases are lost. If you require aliases to any distribution lists do not use this set up.

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