Domain List and Add Domain

The Domains list provides access to each of the domains for which you are an Administrator.

Simply click on a domain to edit that domain or to manage its Email Accounts. Click the red X at the far right of the domain to delete it.

Important: Deleting a domain will delete the domain and all of its associated settings and email accounts. There is no way to undo this!

You can deactivate a domain by clicking on the domain and clicking either the "Active" column or the green dot to the left of the domain name. We will not accept email sent to inactive domains, it will be bounced.

You can also put email delivery for a domain on hold by clicking the "Hold" column. We will accept email for a domain that's on hold, but we won't try to deliver it to your mailserver. We'll queue it until you release the hold. This is useful if you want to pause delivery while you upgrade a mailserver, for example.

The Domain List displays both Domains and Domain Aliases for quick reference. The Type column indicates whether the domain is a domain or an alias of a primary domain.


Add a domain by clicking on the Add Domain button, which will start our new Domain Setup Wizard.








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