Customer Contacts: Billing, Technical, Emergency

Customer may have three types of Contacts, and you may list more than one person for each category:

  • Billing
  • Technical
  • Emergency

Billing contact will receive invoices from MailRoute or their associated Reseller.

Technical contact receives alerts and notices about our services.

An Emergency contact will be used if we need to contact you in case of an emergency, such as when we detect that your email server is down and not accepting email.

One person can belong to more than one of these categories.

*For Technical and Emergency: Please list email addresses that are not on your domain(s) so we can still contact you if your server goes down.


Click the Contacts tab to view your contacts. You can edit the contact by clicking on their name or change the type of contact by clicking in the appropriate boxes. The red X will delete the Contact.


Click the Add button to add a contact and hit Save.



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