Ransomware Protection by MailRoute

Does MailRoute protect me from Ransomware?

Yes. Ransomware is a type of malware designed to infect and block access to a computer, until a sum of money has been paid. MailRoute provides full-spectrum spam and virus filtering, to mitigate all malicious threats, including Ransomware, against your email's security and your hardware. 

MailRoute also provides Store & Forward (included with our inbound/outbound email Filtering) and Continuity, for guaranteed mail delivery.

MailRoute's team has focused exclusively on email protection for 20 years. We built the first email filtering service (FrontBridge) and sold it to Microsoft in 2005. Since then, we've built MailRoute to be the most trusted host of email security services. Email threat protection is our core competency and our sole focus.


What is Ransomware?

"Ransomware is computer malware that installs covertly on a victim's device (e.g., computer, smartphone, wearable device) and that either mounts the cryptoviral extortion attack from cryptovirology that holds the victim's data hostage, or mounts a cryptovirology leakware attack that threatens to publish the victim's data, until a ransom is paid. ..." -Wikipedia



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