Continuity: 24/7 Mailbox Access, different from Store & Forward

What is Email Continuity?

Email Continuity is different from Store & Forward. Store & Forward spools your mail for up to 15 days when your server is unavailable and is included with MailRoute's Filtering service; Continuity improves productivity during outages by providing access to 30 days of clean mail and all new mail, while your server or ISP is down. 


MailRoute’s 24/7 Mailbox Continuity is an add-on service to your filtering account. It is a secure, reliable crisis-management email solution. We make your email available even when your mailserver is not. (This is a separate, additional service not to be confused with a feature that is including with our Filtering service: Store & Forward, which holds your mail for up to 15 days during outages, so mail is not lost or bounced.)

With Continuity, a secure web portal provides access for all email addresses on your domain(s) during outages or scheduled downtime.

  • 24/7 mailbox availability
  • No additional activation required beyond purchase
  • 30 days of clean mail available; starts accruing the day service is activated
  • No loss in productivity


When do I need it?

Corporate disaster-management or crisis-management plans include email continuity. This insures that your team remains productive and your customers can reach you. Continuity is something you purchase before you need it.

How does it work? 

You will be a MailRoute Protection customer using our filtering service. You will also have populated your Filtering account with the correct mailboxes for your domain. Only then can Continuity be activated.

Contact to add Continuity to your existing email-protection account, so your account can be enhanced and clean mail will be waiting for you when you need it.

MailRoute will then send all new, clean mail to your MailRoute Continuity mailbox, so it is always available to you, in the event of an emergency. 

The MailRoute Continuity site is separate from the administrative control panel. It uses a standard webmail interface, so there is no training required for your users; anyone who has used webmail will be comfortable using our Continuity service.

Simply have users login at .

Email directed at aliases will appear in its "parent" address' mailbox.

Since the MailRoute Continuity service requires your users to login to to access their stored email, be sure that passwords are set up for each user, before you actually need Continuity.

You can assign passwords to your users when you first create them in your email-filtering account (  You can set them up manually, upload them via CSV file upload, or use our powerful API.  

Some admins prefer to let their users set their passwords, and do not assign passwords when creating their MailRoute accounts. These users can use the "I can't sign in or I forgot my password".  

Admins can always set a password for a user via the MailRoute Control Panel, so in an emergency, you can always set a password for your user. If possible, do have your users login to their filtering account, so we have their passwords before Continuity is needed. Otherwise you'll need to assign passwords to grant them access during your outage. 

(Please note that MailRoute Support will NOT change passwords for users. This is to ensure the security of the entire service: only the administrators for a domain can change a user's password.)



Pricing & Signup

The cost is $1 per user per month for 30 days of clean email, available continuously during crises. Volume discounts apply.

For more information or a quote, contact or call 888.485.7726.

Try our email protection service free of charge for 30 days, no credit card required. Stop spam now! 

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