In-house Solution vs MailRoute Hosted Service


                       MailRoute Benefits                                                 In-house Solution

MailRoute Benefits In-house Solution
99.999% uptime guaranteed Limited uptime guarantee
3x redundancy – no single point of failure Single point of failure
90+% reduction in traffic on your server, 99% of which is spam In-house servers handle 100% of mail traffic
Reduce bandwidth Paying for bandwidth to manage useless and dangerous email
Lower CPU and memory resource needs Paying high CPU
Mailbagging and Disaster Recovery included Bounced mail when your servers go down
100% cost-free Customer Support Expensive, unavailable support from manufacturer
60 seconds to setup account; No hardware or software to install Time to setup and test in-house
Meets industry compliance standards Must navigate industry standards alone
Improves employee productivity; extra hands in IT Expensive in-house labor to manage email filtering hardware/software
No need for costly upgrade and maintenance Regular maintenance, upgrades and security patches
Low entry cost Expensive systems that become obsolete
Risk-free implementation; platform-agnostic Must commit to buying multiple pieces
Ongoing development of new features Filters lose their efficacy over time
MailRoute is never obsolete Hardware and software end-of-life


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