Internet BGP route count reaches 500,000+ entries. Some ISPs may experience troubles

MailRoute Advanced Support
posted this on August 14, 2014, 15:38


The number of IPv4 networks has reached over 500,000 entries, and some ISPs have network routing equipment that cannot handle this number of routes, leading to connectivity outages and traffic loss.

We've verified that all MailRoute networking equipment is fine, as is that of our bandwidth providers, but it is possible that customers at different ISPs could experience issues if their own providers are not protected from this issue.

From wikipedia ( ):


512k day is the unofficial title of an event that started on August 12, 2014. Multiple Internet routers, manufactured by Cisco and other vendors, encountered a default software limit of 512K (512,000 - 524,288)[1][2] IPv4 BGP routing table entries, causing assorted outages at various data centers. Various IT professionals reported the issue on Internet forums, sometimes as just "512k", and under a Twitter hashtag of #512k.

Please see the following articles for more information about the 512K BGP limit: What caused today's internet hiccup?

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