Quarantine Notifications

Quarantine Notifications: Overview & How To Ensure Receipt/Delivery 

We can send notifications of messages in the quarantine right to your inbox. If your domain administrator has provided us with a complete list of mailboxes for your domain, then this feature is available to you.


You can view each piece of mail: Whitelist, Recover, or Whitelist and Recover, simply by clicking the links in the notification. You do not need to login to your MailRoute account.


A quarantine notification looks like this:



Setting Up Your Quarantine Notification

You can choose timezone, days of the week and times of day, in limitless configurations, to schedule receipt of notifications, or go with the default setting your administrator has chosen.

Go to the Quarantine tab in your Dashboard and above the Quarantine box there is the Notification Schedule and click on the Schedule.






Please note: Notifications are only sent out if there is something new to report since the last notification was delivered. 



How To Ensure Delivery of Notifications

Notifications contain spammy messages, so they do raise red flags when passing through spam filters.

If you're using MailRoute as part of a layered system of email protection -- i.e., in conjunction with another service or filter -- then please:

Whitelist/Allow noreply@mailroute.net 

This will ensure that notifications get through the various filters and are delivered to your inbox, from where you can manage your MailRoute Quarantine.


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