How MailRoute Works

How MailRoute Works

MailRoute is the leader in cloud-based email filtering and protection services.

MailRoute's distributed network of data centers at the “edge” of the Internet allows us to provide a 99.999% message filtering availability guarantee. In addition, by dynamically routing incoming and outgoing email to the optimal network location, we can provide our filtering services with a virtually undetectable latency time - most messages are processed in less than 2 seconds.

Unlike in-house solutions, which require you to install, manage and maintain hardware and/or software, the MailRoute system operates on the “edge” of the Internet, outside your corporate network. MailRoute filters your email traffic before it enters your network, reducing network and server load, lowering management issues, and providing a highly effective level of protection.

MailRoute trains its servers in an ongoing fashion, based on constant monitoring of the ever-changing spam and virus environment. Spam can be sent to and we use it, among other things, to update our filters.

You may ask, "Why am I receiving so little spam? With my previous filtering solution, I had hundreds of pieces of mail in my Quarantine."

MailRoute stops the best known, most egregious spam and viruses outright, and we don't clog your Quarantine with truly harmful mail from known spammers. This makes Quarantine management easier for our customers. We also have a very low false-positive rate.

Users can implement any or all MailRoute services by simply signing up and then adjusting the MX (mail exchange) record of your DNS servers. When an email is sent to your company, the MailRoute DNS servers analyze the health and performance of the MailRoute network and reply with the optimal choice. The email enters the MailRoute network and is analyzed and processed, and passed along to its ultimate destination.

MailRoute Customer Support offers live online demos as well as comprehensive How To documents on using our service, stored in our Knowledgebase library.

MailRoute’s unique Administrative Interface provides each customer with access to his or her account. Through this dashboard, mailbox holders can customize their own filtration settings domain-wide as well as per mailbox such as setting a Spam score; writing predefined Subject lines to indicate when mail is borderline Spam; view quarantined mail; whitelist and blacklist addresses or domains; whitelist and recover single pieces of mail; add aliases, admins, mailboxes, domains, servers in order of preference.


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