About MailRoute

Who We Are

MailRoute was founded in 2002 by Thomas Johnson to set new standards in email protection services. Johnson and his technology team developed MailRoute's multi-layered solution to be highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, CA, MailRoute offers email protection services to corporate, governmental, and educational customers. The executive team at MailRoute includes Mark Tennenbaum and Rachel Plecas, part of the team who created Microsoft's Forefront. Each executive brings decades of strategic development experience to the company, which is privately funded. MailRoute can be reached 7 days a week at 888.485.7726.


Our Philosophy

Customer Support is not simply a department at MailRoute: It is our culture. “The customer comes first” may be an established adage, but it’s truly the way we do business – personal phone calls, first-name relationships with our customers, and an average response-time of mere seconds for Level 1 customer-support. MailRoute understands that email is the lifeline of most businesses, and our focus is singular: to provide knowledgeable, reliable customer service that results in the delivery of clean email.



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Contact sales@mailroute.net or support@mailroute.net for more information. 


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