Outbound Mail Servers (SmartHost/Relay)

If you're using MailRoute's inbound filtering, you may choose to use the MailRoute Outbound Filtering SmartHost/Relay Host Service (TM. All rights reserved.)



With MailRoute's outbound service, email from your mailboxes is routed to our servers for filtering before it is sent off to external mailboxes. This protects your partners and customers from receiving virus-infected emails, and makes sure that your mailboxes aren't sending out spam, whether it's inadvertent or intentional.

If you're tired of finding yourself on blacklists, or having trouble delivering email to the intended recipients, MailRoute's outbound service can help. We'll set your mailserver to send all email to us first, and then we take responsibility for the delivery of the email, lightening the load on your server, isolating your server from the rest of the internet for added security, and simplifying administration and maintenance.

We do not offer outbound relay services to bulk email companies, or for the purposes of mass mailing, and it is not sold separately from our Inbound Filtering Services. You must use MailRoute's Inbound Mail Filtering to activate the outbound relay.


  • Isolate your server from the rest of the internet for increased security
  • Simplify your email server configuration and reduce management
  • Improve the deliverability of your email
  • Stop worrying about being added to email blackists
  • Stop emails sent by viruses or trojans on your mailbox's computers


We restrict access for our Outbound service by IP address. Your mailserver must have a static IP address in order to use this service.


  1. Under Delivery in the menu, select Outbound Servers. Enter the IP addresses of each of your email servers.




  1. Set the Smart/RelayHost setting of your mailserver to outbound.mailroute.net. We have information on how to do this for various email servers such as MS Exchange in our online knowledgebase.

  2. (Optional) Update your SPF record. Add "include:spf.mailroute.net" to your SPF record. If your record looks like this:

    If your record looks like this:

        "v=spf1 ip4:192.168.0/27 -all"   < this IP range is ONLY an example

    Add our spf record to it so that it looks like this:

        "v=spf1 ip4:192.168.0/27 include:spf.mailroute.net -all"

    If you are using MailRoute for ALL of your outbound
    you only need to use the following;

    "v=spf1 include:spf.mailroute.net ~all"

    For more information call 888.485.7726 / email support@mailroute.net.


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