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Auto Blacklist & Quarantine Search




  • Alex Clay

    I'll add my vote to a search feature in the Quarantine. That would've been super-helpful after our initial 30 days when I was tuning our white lists.

  • R.A. Plecas

    Hi Alex,

    You can sort by clicking the fields at the top, for now. We'll add an open search function at some point, but we do allow for sorting. 

    I hope that's helpful!



  • Joe Van Overberghe

    Searching would be way more useful than sort. When trying to find an email in 13000 quarantined items. Even after sorting I'm having to jump 25 pages with no real easy way to do it.

  • David Fox

    +1 to both suggestions. I've just dropped into your web UI to try and find an email in the quarantine and having no search seems like a major omission to me. I'd also like an easy way of blacklisting an email address as suggested by the previous poster.



  • Jim Soriano

    +1 to the need for for searching my quarantine, at least by sender and/or subject. For some reason mail from "" was captured and I missed key travel information. I'd like to go back and whitelist that domain from the original message.


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