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Dual Delivery


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    MailRoute Advanced Support

    Hi Casey-

    We don't do dual delivery.  Relaying a message to more than one destination can introduce all sorts of issues.  What if one of the destinations is down? What if a user exists at one destination and not the other? What if one of them bounces a message?  And if these are all within one domain, it can be incredibly confusing for the sender.

    It's a bit easier for postini to do that with Google Apps, since it's all within their one silo.  But we'd be relaying to two separate destinations, and this introduces all sorts of potential for trouble.

    The one way it could possibly work would be if the relay to the second site involved a rewrite of the destination address to a different domain (or subdomain).  And if MailRoute were to support aliasing in an upcoming software release in a few months (hint hint), then you could set a forward for each user to the new domain, and that would be delivered independently.  

    For example, you could forward to  

    And then you could rewrite those incoming addresses on that destination mailserver.  If you use postfix, you could do something like:

        virtual_alias_maps = regexp:/etc/postfix/virtual_regexp

        cat /etc/postfix/virtual_regexp

        /(.*)-AT-(.*)$/ $1@$2

    Now, that could still result in bounce messages!  But at least the bounce messages would distinguish between a bounce for and!

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