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Catch-all email address



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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Spencer-

    No, we don't support catch-all addresses in that way - at least, we don't offer the direct forwarding feature.  You can leave your account with us with the user list incomplete, and we'll accept and deliver any email that comes through, but it's up to your mailserver to direct it to the correct end-user.

    One of the main reasons we don't support catch-all addresses is that they are a tremendous conduit for spam, and we encourage people to not use them.

    If you need to use unique addresses (say, you want to give each company you work with a different email address, so that you can sort or filter it, or tell when they've sold your name,), then we encourage you to use "plus extensions".  You can use  We'll filter it with the settings for "" and pass it along to your mailserver.  And most mailservers support delivering these emails direct to your Inbox.

    I hope this helps.  Sorry for the long delay in responding.  We're still working through some issues with our ticketing system - we just got a bunch of notifications of messages posted here.  I'm hoping the answer is "better late than never".

  • Brady Rosino

    I know this is an old discussion, but I stumbled upon it while searching for an answer before I try mailroute.

    As mentioned above, Mailroute supports Does it have any means of supporting This is a feature that I rather like from Fastmail and use it a decent amount.

    I'm guessing it is not supported, because it is essentially a catch all address * Just figured I'd ask!


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