Configuring Office 365 to Use MailRoute

1. Login to your Office 365 account:

2. Go to Mail Flow > rules.

3. Click on the + sign to create a new rule, then click on more options.

4. Name the rule

5. Choose the “The sender is located..." and then "is external/internal" option

6. Make the rule apply to senders "Outside the organization"

7. Under "Do the following...", select "Redirect the message to..." then "hosted quarantine" options

8. Create an exception to this rule for MailRoute’s IPs, so that filtered email still gets through.  Where it says "Except if..." select the "Sender's IP is in the range..." option and add MailRoute's IP's

You have to enter 8 different values here for MailRoute:,,,,,,,
To enter multiple IPs, click on the + button.


It can take Microsoft 45-60 minutes to apply the changes you just made to your configuration.


NEW: Log in and go to > exchange admin center | mail flow | connectors


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    Adam Brown

    Microsoft has deprecated the Forefront Online Protection login  portal for all customers who have been upgraded to the latest version of O365 (Wave 15). All controls previously held in that interface are now merged into the Exchange Admin Portal in O365. To get Mailroute to go through without spam filtering, the instructions are as follows:

    Log in to O365 Portal -> Admin -> Exchange -> Protection -> Connection Filter -> Double-click Default -> Connection Filtering -> Add the IP Ranges in step 9 above to the Allowed IP Address List -> Place checkmark next to Enable Safe List -> Click Save.

    It isn't necessary to create an Inbound connector with the latest version of O365 to receive mail from Mailroute, but it doesn't hurt to do so. For this:

    Log in to O365 Portal -> Admin -> Exchange -> Mail flow -> Click + under Inbound Connectors -> Enter a name for the Connector -> Select On-Premises and Select Retain Service Headers (If you want them, otherwise, set as Partner) -> Under Sender Domains, Click +, Enter * in the box, click save -> Under Sender IP Addresses Click + and add each IP range from step 9 above. Leave the remainder of options as they are and click save.

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