Irma Assistance: Free Email Access During Downtime

To assist MailRoute's customers during Irma, please note that MailRoute is providing, free of charge, 30-day Continuity on MailRoute account(s) for those located in the path of the hurricane.

You must login to your account as an administrator and activate Continuity in your dashboard. It will be cost-free for 30 days and can be turned off after Irma, if you choose.
Continuity means that your domain’s mailboxes will each have web access to clean mail as it arrives, despite your own network or ISP being down. 
If you do not activate Continuity, our Store & Forward feature will spool your mail for 15 days while you’re down.
Either way, no mail will be lost or bounced. We are happy to provide this service to you during this period at no cost to you.
Please let us know how else we can help, and please be safe.
MailRoute Support
888.485.7726 press 1
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