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  • Permanently deleted user

    This is in development.

    Our initial plan is to have detailed delivery and processing info for every email available for perhaps 15 days, and summary information and statistics on a permanent basis.

    We're working through different ways to handle this - it's not too hard to store all the summary information on say, a domain-wide level, but when it comes to storing and processing long-term historical archives for millions of individual users, it  starts to become a different animal.  Perhaps we'll do domain-wide first and then follow that up with per-user statistics a little bit later.

    But I'm wondering what our  community thinks:  Do you want per-user stats? Or per-domain?  Do you want or need both?  Help us determine the features and directions of this new feature.



  • Tim Zakharov

    Sorry, I just posted a similar idea, forgetting that this one was already here.  I think per-user and per-domain would both be very useful.  it would make spotting users with riskier online behavior much easier, for one.  On a domain level, it would be a great tool for promoting MailRoute to senior management.

  • Jeff Busch

    I agree that BOTH would be the best way to go for the exact same reasons Tim Z suggested.

  • Sean Cox

    Any status report for this?

    Something I would love to see is a number of messages processed/delivered for inbound and outbound for last X hours/days, etc.

  • R.A. Plecas

    Please check out our cool reporting tools.


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