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Is forwarding mail from other accounts well-supported?


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  • MailRoute Advanced Support

    Hi William-

    If you're forwarding email from another account, you're right - it won't benefit from greylisting.  And it won't benefit from our adaptive blacklisting system either.  If it's coming from a legitimate mailserver, that's going to give it some points in the "not-spam" column.

    But the rest of our content filtering will work the same.  Your overall effectiveness will be decreased, and you'll have more false-negatives, but I don't see that there would be any difference in false-positives.

    If you want black and whitelists to continue to work, rather than forwarding the mail, you actually want to "redirect" it - you need to keep the "From:" header the same, at the very least.  Our white and blacklisting checks both the SMTP envelope and the From header against the lists, so if you can keep one or both of those intact in your redirection of the email, then those features will continue to work.





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