To use MailRoute with Zoho, you will need to turn off spam filtering.

  • Login to Zoho Mail account as domain administrator.
  • Click on Control Panel (on the top right) >> Mail & Docs >> Mail Administration >> Org Settings.
  • You will see an option 'Organization Spam Process Type' - Click on the drop down button and select Off.
  • Click Save.
  • Log out of your account and Login again and the changes would be effective.


Once spam filtering is disabled, please point the MX record to mail.mailroute.net and be sure you are set to the correct inbound server.


** You will likely receive an alert from Zoho like this

"You are receiving the alert, as the domain XXXX added in Zoho for email hosting, does not have the MX records pointed to Zoho Servers. As a result, the emails to the domain based accounts will not be delivered to Zoho Mail.

Zoho states: We have a schedule to check the MX records for the domains hosted with Zoho when we see the MX records are pointed to a different location we give a notification stating that you may not receive emails, please ignore this notification as it an alert for administrators who has incorrectly pointed their MX record.


Fore more information, please see the full support thread here:


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