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Blacklisting option has been removed from Quarantine and Quarantine Notifications



  • Irae Carvalho

    I was looking at my quarantine blacklist in mailroute and it is still there. I was writing a long comment here only to realize blacklist is only removed from notifications, not from the system.

    Yes, it is ok to remove from notifications. Blacklist still being available is awesome. A note on the post like "blacklist is still available from our web interface if you really need to get rid of some sender manually" would save me a lot of time debugging and understanding.

  • Jhg

    I have experienced an immediate uptick in SPAM getting through.  Please do not remove the blacklist.

  • Irae Carvalho

    Jhg I think you fell for the same thing as I did (see my comment above). Blacklist is there. Never removed. They removed the link to blacklist from the notification emails. If you login to the admin interface you'll see all your blacklist working exactly as it should.

  • Dave Gullett

    I strongly disagree with this decision. It should at least still be available in the domain quarantine.

    It may be true that "We've found that blacklisting the addresses in the quarantine does virtually nothing to improve the spam capture rate, and it causes false-positives."

    But I don't care about the capture rate, that's your job. I care about preventing legitimate looking or obnoxious marketing email from getting through and blacklisting from the domain quarantine was the simplest way to do that.

    As for false positives, I feels thats on me to figure out.

    I never thought I'd have to explore an alternative to MailRoute (if such a thing exists) but now I guess I must.

  • MailRoute Support
    Mail in the quarantine is classified as spam.  Our filters have done their job and have 'blacklisted' the email already so there is no need for any further action.  
    If you have any spam or unwanted emails in your inbox, please report them to and then you can blacklist the sender in the Whitelisting/Blacklisting tab in your dashboard in order to prevent receiving further emails.
  • Jo Braga

    I also strongly disagree with this decision. I now have so much junk email to sort through to find one or two emails I need to release. The process to blacklist is now too cumbersome and involves extra time and clicking.  

    So now I need to open the email, copy the domain I want to blacklist or whitelist (because you have also removed the option to whitelist an entire domain), close the email, click on the whitelist/blacklist option, paste the domain, go back to the quarantine to release the email and continue to repeat this process for over 100 emails??????? Are you serious?

    Please reinstate this for the domain admin or we shall also need to find an alternative spam filter.


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