Sales Emails Flooding Your Inbox

It's not that our sales team doesn't want to talk to you, but they don't want to talk to you as much as it might seem today. It's Saturday, after all.

Have you received 1000 emails from R.A. Plecas today? If so, you can now see why we don't usually let sales people touch their email rules here at MailRoute! A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing...

I tried to set a rule in iMail. Seriously, that's all it was: an out-of-office note to say, "Hey, I'm not ignoring you -- I'm in Costa Rica doing a yoga teacher training."

Here's the gist of it:

1. I'm really, really sorry. It stinks to get so many useless messages. 

2. The rule was disabled quickly and should run its course shortly. 

3. I have learned my lesson and will never attempt this again. 


With chagrin,

R.A. Plecas




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