MailRoute Billing Information: What Is A User?

R.A. Plecas posted this on March 21, 2014, 11:36

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Payment Information

If you've activated a trial and want to convert to a customer, do nothing! We'll simply send you an invoice to continue the service. If you have not received an invoice by the end of your trial, don’t worry, your account will remain active.  

Our billing department will send you an invoice with a link to submit your credit card. When the billing department applies your payment, they will send you a statement for your records. 

Payment Options: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), Checks, Wire Transfers


Mid- or Post-Trial Pricing and Billing

Want to discuss pricing or other details? Or, you'd like a demo of our interface that gives you maximum control over your mail?Contact or call 888.485.7726 x706.

Received an invoice and have questions? Contact, or call 888.485.7726 and press 3.

How am I being charged for mailboxes? What is a "mailbox"?

The best way to use MailRoute's service is to setup your mailboxes (defined as addresses with their own login, quarantine and settings) in our system and mark your mailbox list as complete by checking the little box at the top.


We do not charge for domain or mailbox aliases — for example, my aliases are sales@, info@, rachelp@, r.plecas@, etc.

We do charge for each mailbox belonging to a human on your domain(s), because each is benefitting from our filtering service and 15-day Store & Forward feature. 

If you don’t mark your mailbox list as complete, you run the risk of being over-billed. When mail arrives for an unregistered address in our system, our server asks your server, "Is this a legitimate address?" If it is, then that address will be added to your account free of charge for up to 30 days, while you either confirm that it is a unique mailbox or you assign it as an alias. 

It’s really best to input your mailbox list and mark it as complete, so that we can protect you fully from harvest attacks and bill you correctly.


To complete your mailbox list, click here, or use one of these convenient methods:

--LDAP Sync/ActiveDirectory

—Use our API

—Run our Postini import script

—Upload mailboxes via a CSV file or send it to us for uploading

—Manually add your mailboxes to the interface


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