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Who We Are

MailRoute offers fully configurable email filtering as well as continuity and mail forwarding, and will develop custom pieces on a project basis.

MailRoute is committed to providing a multi-layered, reliable and accurate email filtering solution for our customers, in the most reliable, efficient and secure ways. 

MailRoute’s team created Microsoft Forefront (as FrontBridge) and we’ve been setting new standards in hosted mail filtering since 1997.

Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, CA, MailRoute offers email protection services to entities of all sizes, in both the public and private sectors.

What We Believe

Through the commoditization of the industry over the past 19 years, MailRoute has seen that the core needs of corporate customers haven’t been met. Square pegs are being forced into round holes, and both the end-users and corporate IT people are suffering as a result. While there are many options for filtering mail, few companies do so in a way that provides security and reliability with top-level, live customer support.   

So MailRoute set out to fix that. We created a system that provides customers with free, live tech support – the quality of support for which many companies charge extra. MailRoute doesn’t charge for extra domains, domain aliases, or user aliases. And we offer unlimited usage, unlimited white and blacklists, and complete management and configurability for it all.


Why MailRoute?

Regulatory Compliance

Industry Leader

  • 20 years of cloud-based email filtering experience
  • Blocks Ransomware and all security threats
  • Continuity service delivers mail when your server cannot, 100% delivery uptime
  • Filtering uptime 99.999% guaranteed on MailRoute’s proprietary network of servers
  • 3x redundancy
  • MailRoute’s servers run at no more than 33% capacity to ensure rapid traffic flow
  • Server agnostic – MailRoute works with all servers
  • Built-in load balancing
  • Ongoing development of new features
  • MailRoute service never becomes obsolete
  • HIPAA & ITAR compliance assistance (We sign BAA’s)
  • Cost Savings & Benefits

  • 90+% reduction in traffic on your server by using MailRoute
  • Reduce bandwidth
  • Lower CPU and memory resource needs
  • 15 days of storage if your server goes down
  • API provides unique functionality for account management including user lists and billing
  • Re-branding of MailRoute's interface available to resellers for optimal customer loyalty and retention
  • 100% cost-free Customer Support
  • Assists in meeting industry compliance standards
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Low entry cost

Easy Implementation

  • 60 seconds to setup and activate a MailRoute account
  • Free 30-day Trial
  • No hardware or software to install
  • Risk-free implementation
  • Set it & Forget it! No need for updates, costly upgrades or maintenance

What We Do

MailRoute’s Knowledgebase contains articles, forums and videos on implementation, existing features and requests for new ones. Want something custom-designed for your large userbase? Let us know.

Customer Support provides an average response-time of a few minutes for Level 1 customer-support. MailRoute understands that email is the lifeline of most businesses, and our focus is singular: to provide knowledgeable, reliable customer service that results in the delivery of clean email.

MailRoute is in continuous and constant development, improving our service on an ongoing basis.

MailRoute’s API allows you to manage every aspect of our service. Full documentation is available.

(Our Github site hosts API libraries for PHP, python and ruby to make it simple to integrate management of our service into other dashboards, web applications and control panels. We also have scripts available that allow you to do things like Active Directory integration from inside your firewall, so you don’t have to expose your internal services to any outside parties.)

MailRoute will also develop scripts or other custom pieces for you on a project basis.

How It Works

MailRoute’s distributed network of data centers at the “edge” of the Internet allows us to provide a 99.999% message filtering availability guarantee. In addition, by dynamically routing incoming and outgoing email to the optimal network location, we can provide our filtering services with a virtually undetectable latency time - most messages are processed in under one second.

By outsourcing your filtering, you reduce hardware and software costs, labor and maintenance costs, and much more.

Unlike in-house solutions, which require you to install, manage and maintain hardware and/or software, the MailRoute system operates on the “edge” of the Internet, outside your corporate network. MailRoute filters your email traffic before it enters your network, reducing network and server load, lowering management issues, and providing a highly effective level of protection.

Implement any or all MailRoute services by simply signing up and then adjusting the MX (mail exchange) record of your DNS servers. When an email is sent to your company, the MailRoute DNS servers analyze the health and performance of the MailRoute network and reply with the optimal choice. The email enters the MailRoute network and is analyzed, processed and passed along to its ultimate destination – typically in under one second.


How to Get Started

MailRoute Customer Support offers live online demos as well as comprehensive How To documents on using our service, stored in MailRoute’s Knowledgebase.

MailRoute’s unique interface provides each customer with access to his or her account. Through this dashboard, admins can view and customize accounts on domain-wide and per-user levels including filter setting, quarantined mail, whitelists and blacklists of addresses or domains; add aliases for domains or users; add and manage servers in order of preference for load-balancing and much more.


Try MailRoute: Sign up for a no-risk Free Trial to test our service and support.

Talk to MailRoute: Contact us for an online demo today at 888.485.7726 x706, or click here to receive a comprehensive HowTo Guide that includes video tutorials on using our services.

For pricing, contact sales@mailroute.net, 310.997.2354 or 888.485.7726 x706


What People Are Saying


I just want to go on record that MailRoute is doing a fantastic job.

You service is excellent. Your support is excellent and we can’t live without it.

George Baldonado, President & CEO, Oasis Technology, Inc. 



With the assistance of MailRoute staff and the available knowledgebase documents, migrating from Postini was a simple task.

Joseph L. Wenninger, City of Neenah, Information Systems Director


We have had a great experience thus far using MailRoute. I have been all over the management console and have to say that all the features I have used have been awesome. At this point I can’t find a negative thing to say. Another item to mention is that when adding email addresses to the filter with Forefront, sometimes I would have to wait up to an hour for it to fully replicate, but not on your product. The filter to forward is fast. The ability to whitelist and blacklist out of quarantine is a huge time saver. Especially right now. We are watching quarantine very closely. Many of our franchisees have email set up through their ISP’s. A portion of it is seeing rating above a seven. Being able to tag the exact address to recover and whitelist to the organization is fast and easy. I keep finding useful features. Great design. Great product.

Jon Lundquist, Winmark Corporation


Prior to MailRoute, we managed our email presence, filtering and reputation-management in- house. Our implementation was PAIN FREE. MailRoute and their team had us up and running, and cut over in less than 12 hours.

With Control Panel 2.0 I have complete control over the flow of my mail. This feature has drastically reduced the amount of time that we might have otherwise needed to spend to manage our mail.

On a scale of 1 to 5, for effectiveness in blocking unwanted content, this is a 5+. With the unique filtering algorithms, there is little unwanted mail that comes in.

We have on a few occasions needed to contact support and they have been, without exception, an invaluable asset to this organization. They truly do not give up, nor will they go home if a problem is not fixed. They have gone above and beyond every time I have ever asked them to assist.

We process approximately 60 GB of incoming mail every last 3 days of the month in closing packages and approximately 100gb per month. That is to say about 300 potential loan prospects a month please the other 90,000 pieces of incoming and 35,000 piece outgoing

For the value that we get from MailRoute, it would be a real deal at two or three times the price!

Jim Barry, Lowell Cooperative Bank, Information Security and Technology



We have been using MailRoute exclusively for all of our clients’ inbound and outbound mail filtering needs. Although we protect several different types of mail servers, the overwhelming majority of our clients use Microsoft Exchange in every flavor from 2003 to 2010. Our clients, and in turn ourselves as managed service providers demand simplicity and reliability which MailRoute provides every time.

Migrating our existing clients over to MailRoute as well as setting up new clients is a breeze. We simply point our customers MX records over to MailRoute and then configure our firewalls and Exchange servers to only accept mail from MailRoute servers. We use MailRoute outbound services for all clients and configure Exchange to route all mail out to MR servers so that we don't have to worry about routing and getting blacklisted.

I no longer have clients complain about the amount of spam they receive, they simply don't get any with the service. As with any anti-spam system, there are occasionally a false positive or two. This is no big deal since the provided interface allows for easy release and whitelist of any legitimate email.

Overall we are extremely happy with technical services provided and the excellent (and extremely personal) support that we receive. Any time we have had an issue (rarely do) we always get a quick response and expert advice.

Alan I. Bildzukewicz, Sr, Junopi Technical, Owner


MailRoute's Executive Team 


Thomas A. Johnson is a leading authority on email protection, and the creator of an early search engine. He is the chairman of the board and CEO of MailRoute, Inc, headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California. Johnson is the founder of FrontBridge, acquired by Microsoft as the foundation of their Cloud-based MS Exchange Hosted Services.

In 1984, Johnson bought the first-generation Mac and started programming it. (He still has his receipt for the 128K Macintosh.) This interest in computer programming led to Johnson spending 5 years in the UCLA Computer Science Department working with Leonard Kleinrock, a father of the Internet, networking supercomputers and workstations.

In 1993, Johnson left UCLA to reinvent the American Medical Association’s online community, which became US Health Link. Johnson suggested that they use the Internet, instead of a private network, and it was here that he created one of the first Internet search engines as well as an early Cloud application.

“The search engine was born from a program I created that basically hopped around the Internet grabbing information and dumping all of it into a big Oracle database so that you could do searches,” Johnson explains. “Then I wrote a piece of multithreaded code that could run on a few different machines that all talked to each other; it ran like one big application, but running on several servers,” says Johnson of his early Cloud configuration.  

MailRoute was founded in 2002 by Johnson to set new standards in email protection services. He and his technology team have developed MailRoute’s multi-layered solution to be highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. MailRoute offers email protection services to corporate, governmental, and educational customers; it filters inbound and outbound messages through its proprietary network of servers. The company is privately funded.



Mark S. Tennenbaum is a member of the board of directors of MailRoute, Inc and the company’s CFO. He is also a co-founder of FrontBridge (sold to Microsoft in 2005), the former CFO of SoftAware Networks (sold to Digital Island in 2000), and a strategic advisor to other young technology companies.

Prior to his Internet experience, Tennenbaum’s professional focus was primarily on finance and corporate development. In these capacities he helped to grow such diverse companies as Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, Kaiser Group Holdings, Landmark Theatres and Craig Corporation.

Tennenbaum holds an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA as well as a BA in Psychology from the Pitzer College, the Claremont Colleges.



R.A. Plecas is the VP of Marketing and Sales at MailRoute, Inc, and was the Director of Communications at FrontBridge (sold to Microsoft in 2005), where she worked with MailRoute CEO Tom Johnson and CFO Mark Tennenbaum.

Plecas has 15 years of overseas experience, based in Hong Kong, where she was Editor-in-Chief of Tatler Asia, a group of luxury lifestyle publications in nine countries. She also founded What’s Next, a business development company aimed at introducing Western retail brands into the China market. Plecas consults for Asian Strategies, executing Asia-specific market research for Barclays, BBC, Rolex, HP, IBM, Motorola and other multi-nationals.

Plecas holds a BA in Literature from Oakland University as well as a degree in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.


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