Reviews for MailRoute Email Protection Services

I just want to go on record that MailRoute is doing a fantastic job.

Your service is excellent. Your support is excellent and we can’t live without it. 

George Baldonado 
President & CEO 

Oasis Technology, Inc. 



In addition to maintaining on-premise servers for most clients and managing cloud mail services (like gMail and Office 365) for others, we are running and hosting our own email servers now as the alternative to cloud mail. Essentially, we are hosting more and more of our customers instead of them going to Google and Microsoft.
One of the biggest stress relievers is having the Continuity & Archiving Lite in place. It takes a load of stress off my back because I know that if we have a colo or server issue, folks can still get most of their work/email done using the continuity piece.
Also, the first client we activated this for had a crashed Exchange server, and Continuity enabled me and my team to focus on solving the actual issues instead of fielding support calls/stress-outs from the client. They maintained business productivity via Continuity while we resolved their issues.
Continuity & Archiving Lite service
Valued MailRoute Reseller

With the assistance of MailRoute staff and the available knowledge base documents, migrating from Postini was a simple task.


Joseph L. Wenninger 
Information Systems Director 

City of Neenah 



The extensive documentation was a big selling point. It's clear what to do to implement MailRoute's protection.
Senior Engineer
Semantic Designs



Prior to MailRoute, we managed our email presence, filtering and reputation-management in-house. As the result of an extended weather related outage, we rethought our store and forward strategy. In researching solutions, I came across MailRoute and contacted them. They said that this was right in their sweet spot and that they could do so much more and have it ready quickly.

Our implementation was PAIN FREE. MailRoute and their team had us up and running, and cut over in less than 12 hours.

With Control Panel 2.0 I have complete control over the flow of my mail. This feature has drastically reduced the amount of time that we might have otherwise needed to spend to manage our mail.

On a scale of 1 to 5, for effectiveness in blocking unwanted content, this is a 5+. With the unique filtering algorithms, there is little unwanted mail that comes in.

We have on a few occasions needed to contact support and they have been, without exception, an invaluable asset to this organization. They truly do not give up, nor will they go home if a problem is not fixed. They have gone above and beyond every time I have ever asked them to assist.

We process approximately 60 GB of incoming mail every last 3 days of the month in closing packages and approximately 100gb per month. That is to say about 300 potential loan prospects a month please the other 90,000 pieces of incoming and 35,000 piece outgoing

For the value that we get from MailRoute, it would be a real deal at two or three times the price!


Jim Barry

Information Security and Technology 



We have been using MailRoute exclusively for all of our clients’ inbound and outbound mail filtering needs. Although we protect several different types of mail servers, the overwhelming majority of our clients use Microsoft Exchange in every flavor from 2003 to 2010. Our clients, and in turn ourselves as managed service providers demand simplicity and reliability which MailRoute provides every time. 

Migrating our existing clients over to MailRoute as well as setting up new clients is a breeze. We simply point our customers’ MX records over to MailRoute and then configure our firewalls and Exchange servers to only accept mail from MailRoute servers. We use MailRoute outbound services for all clients and configure Exchange to route all mail out to MR servers so that we don't have to worry about routing and getting blacklisted.

I no longer have clients complain about the amount of spam they receive, they simply don't get any with the service. As with any anti-spam system, there are occasionally a false positive or two. This is no big deal since the provided interface allows for easy release and whitelist of any legitimate email.

Overall we are extremely happy with technical services provided and the excellent (and extremely personal) support that we receive. Any time we have had an issue (rarely do) we always get a quick response and expert advice.


Alan I. Bildzukewicz, Sr.


Junopi Technical









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