Migrate from MX Logic / McAfee after EOL announcement

R.A. Plecas
posted this on October 22, 2015, 15:34

If you received this end-of-life announcement today from Intel / McAfee, you might be wondering, "What the heck?" 

We remember MX Logic before they were acquired (back in our FrontBridge days) and have always been fans of what they'd built. But with acquisition comes the inevitability of playing a role in a larger picture.

MailRoute isn't required to be part of a parent company's objectives. We don't need to sell companion pieces of a larger platform, etc.:

We focus on our core competency, which is the efficient delivery of clean email. 

MailRoute built our solution ourselves, and we own it from the IP to the hardware in our data centers. We have complete quality control over our service (no third-party pieces).

We protect your expensive hardware and resources from attacks, viruses, and outages. We're a natural replacement for your email protection, gateway and continuity service needs, if you need to replace McAfee. Our API, outstanding support and admin tools will allow you to migrate quickly and painlessly.


Start a free 30-day trial today. Use promo code EOL for 10% off for the lifetime of your account. 

Contact sales@mailroute.net or support@mailroute.net for more information. 



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    Scott Bendure

    Hello, not sure how to begin replacing my McAfee Intel Security email service.  

    Thanks for any help.

    Scott B.

    Domain: LabelData.com



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