Dec. 1, 2014 - "Complete Your User List" mailer: What does it mean?

Thank you for being a MailRoute customer. To better protect your users and hardware as well as provide accurate billing, we are improving our systems.

Your probably received this email from us today. 

Clarification #1: MailRoute is not raising our prices in any way and continues to provide aliases free of charge.

Clarification #2: You may leave your user list as undefined, but will leave yourself open to harvest attacks and inaccurate (over) billing.

You may leave your user list undefined, operating on a ‘catch-all’ basis.

However, this will leave you vulnerable to over-billing. We will charge for mail processed by us for your domain; and without a defined user list, we will not know which users are legit and which are not. It comes down to which is of greater value to you: the catch-all, or being charged only for actual users.


So, overall, what does this email mean to my account?

If you are currently paying for all users on your domain(s), there will be no change whatsoever to your account or invoice.

If your user list is not marked complete currently, please follow any of the steps outlined in the email you received, or here, to maximize your protection through MailRoute.


Thank you for using MailRoute!





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