Sept. 6, 2015 - Updated: Significant Routing Upgrades Occurring Today

Additional information, Sept 7, 7:45pm PDT:

We are checking on reports of bounced messages during the data center move yesterday and will advise by tomorrow on our findings. Thank you again for your patience. For updated information, remember to subscribe to this forum by clicking "Subscribe" at this URL.


*****As of 10:38pm PDT, we are fully operational. Any glitches with outbound relay are resolved and all mail flow is operational. Some queued mail may take the next few hours to clear, but we've upgraded an important data center and remain committed to being the best possible email protection available.


****Please note that there is a temporary issue with outbound relay resulting from today's data center move. We are working on it and will have it resolved shortly. Please check back here for updates.

Thanks again!


Yesterday a catastrophic failure at one of our data centers (in downtown Los Angeles) was not resolved to MailRoute's satisfaction. 

Mailflow continues to be intermittent but all mail is being queued and not bounced. 

Today, Sunday, September 6, 2015, we will be migrating all hardware and operations contained in that particular location into a new data center. 

This is a significant response to the September 5th delays, and this process will take a day to manage and complete.

We will endeavor to keep downtime to a minimum, but you may see interruptions in service at some period during the window of 10am-2pm PDT today.

After a full health check of all systems, mailflow will resume as normal and all queued messages will be delivered.

The entire team here thanks you for your patience while we address an issue with this provider. This upgrade to our overall mail handling is designed to better serve you.

Please have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, if you're in the US.


**Confirming that we are, as of 1:50pm PDT, down for maintenance and will edit this announcement again when service is fully restored. Thank you again for your patience.

***Confirmed at 4:50pm PDT that filtering is operational, mail is flowing and the interface is up. Thanks for your patience during this important improvement. 

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    Steven Kleffman

    Do you have an ETA for completion and restoration?  I've started to field calls from end clients.

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    R.A. Plecas

    Our tests show one server with outbound delays. If you have specific examples, please send them to and we can see what's happening. Thanks very much, Steven.

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    Michael Cody

    I have had users complain occasionally of delays on the service for last month or so ... today 9/8 we are still seeing some delays of about 1.5 - 2.0 hrs ... is this a known issue, I can possibly provide some examples, this is coming from my users - I myself have not noticed delays today.

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    Michael Cody

    I emailed a header cut of a message with 3hr delay for MKASSOC.COM 

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