What is MailRoute's API?

What is an API?

MailRoute's API makes it possible to tie all sorts of pieces -- like outside applications (like webmail clients), your own billing system, and mailbox lists and preferences -- in with our Control Panel, to automate account management.

For example, if your webmail users write rules to auto whitelist or blacklist, your users can keep doing things just the way they have been doing them all along -- even after joining MailRoute. When they update an Allow/Block (whitelist/blacklist) entry on your webmail client, it can update in our system as well. 

If you have in-house programming talent, you can use our documentation and libraries to implement this quite simply. If you don't, it's something that we can probably do for you.

Our APIs are all documented at https://support.mailroute.net/forums/21682281-API 

And we have libraries for all the common web-programming languages (php, python, ruby) at http://github.com/mailroute

If you have questions about what an API is or what MailRoute's API can do to make your life easier, just ask us! support@mailroute.net


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