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Migrating from Postini

Migrating from one service to another isn't always fun, but with MailRoute, at least it's easy. We'll walk you through the steps you need to take to set up a MailRoute account and to export your data from Postini for submission to us. Then we'll get everything all set up for you, and we'll get your new service up and running.

Step 1. Set up your new account with MailRoute

Fill out our form at All we need is your contact information, your domain name and mailserver name or IP address.

Step 2. Export your data from Postini

We have to do this in two steps, because the Postini interface doesn't allow you to simultaneously download a list of mailbox settings and the list of alias accounts.

  1. Download User List and Settings a. Open the Administration Console and select the Orgs and Users tab. Postini Admin Console - System Administration

    a. Click the Users link and select your Account org from the Choose Org pull- down list.

    b. Type in the "%” character and then the domain name in the Find User field and click Search. This performs a search across all of your organizations for user addresses using that domain, returning the first 15,000 users.

    c. Click Download Users/Settings. Postini Admin Console - Users/Settings

    d. Select and copy all of the lines that have email addresses on them.o e. Open a text editor ()if using Microsoft Notepad, turn word-wrap off) and paste the text. Name the file "domain.com_users.csv"

  2. Download Alias list

    a. Open the Administration Console and select the Orgs and Users tab. Postini Admin Console - System Administration

    b. Click the Batch link. Postini Admin Console - System Administration

    c. In Section 2.5, manual input, enter the following, replacing <domain_name> with the domain name of the domain you wish to download:

           listusers ALL, targetOrg=<domain_name>, childorgs=1, aliases=1, fields=ADDRESS|PRIMARY_ADD|U_ID, sort=u_id:na|primary_add:a

    d. In Section 4, enter the process code (presented in red)

    e. Click Submit job Postini Admin Console - System Administration

    f. Your browswer will download a file. Rename this file "domain.com_aliases.csv"

Step 3. Import your users in one easy move

Log into the MailRoute interface, navigate to your email account list, choose "import" from the More Actions menu, and then choose "Postini".  Upload those two files and we'll do the import, notifying you of completion via email.

Step 4. Change your MX records to direct your email to MailRoute

We'll give you simple instructions on how to change the MX records for each of your domains to direct all email to MailRoute. We'll then filter out the bad stuff and relay the good stuff on to your server.


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