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What are Provisional Mailboxes and how do I get the most out of this feature?

At MailRoute, we make it easy to become our customer. We will build your mailbox list during the first 30 days of service, which is our free-trial period.

Provisional Mailboxes are addresses that are A) not yet listed in your account,  that have B) received clean mail.

We ask your mail server, "Is this a legitimate address?" If your server says yes, we deliver the mail to your server and add that address under Provisional Mailboxes. 

You then have 30 days to:

1. Promote that address to full mailbox

2. Assign that address as an alias 

3. Block that address from being added to your account

4. Do nothing and we'll promote all mailboxes for you at the end of your trial and charge you accordingly. 

Note that we cannot know which addresses are aliases, so it is best for you to manage Provisional Mailboxes during your trial period. 


I don't want to use the Provisional Mailboxes feature.

Ok, the best way is to mark your list as complete under the Email Accounts tab and tell our system to "Accept mail only for mailboxes listed in this list." Then you will avoid Provisional Mailboxes altogether. 


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