Exchange 2003 - Configuring SmartHost or Outbound Service

How To Configure a Smarthost on Exchange 2003

Open Exchange System Manager and click on the + next to Connectors to see if you are already using an SMTP Connector.

If you need to create a new connector:
Right-click on Connectors and select New - SMTP Connector...

If a SMTP Connector already exists: Right-click on it and choose Properties

The SMTP Connector - Properties page opens which has 8 tabs.

(There could be a 9th tab called Security if you've previously enabled this tab by a registry change, but, in any case, there's nothing to configure on this tab.)

We'll start on the General tab where there are 3 things to configure:

  1. Name

    Call it what you want, but "All Outgoing Email" is a good name.

  2. Smarthosts

    Select "Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts" and enter MailRoute's smarthost.
    The full string to enter is:

    "Copy and Paste" the above line into your SMTP Connector if you like.

  3. Bridgehead Server

    This is your Exchange server.
    Click Add... and there will only be one option.

Go to the Address Space tab.

Click Add... and select the default options which are:

    Type = SMTP  
    Email Domain = *  
    Cost = 1  
    Connector scope = Entire Organisation  

    "**Allow messages to be relayed to these domains**" is **_not_** selected


Click OK and close Exchange System Manager.

In order for the new settings to take effect, you need to restart the following services:
* Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine * Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).

Rebooting the server will also enable the new settings, if this is easier.


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    Zay Scott

    Hi, nice and to the point. I want to use the smarthost to only route mail thru it if the emails are going to a particular domain. Example: I want to send email to, I want it to go thru smarthost. I send email to, it should not go thru smarthost. I hope I did not confuse on what I am trying to accomplish.

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