Configuring o365 Outbound


Configure Outbound email flow so that outbound mail is properly protected by MailRoute.
Go to:
Choose "mail flow" from the left side menu, and the "connectors" from the top menu.
Click "+" to add a new rule. 
In the "From:" pulldown, choose "Office 365".
In the "To:" pulldown, choose "Partner Organization"
Click "Next"
Give this a name and a useful description (optional), and then click "Next”.
  • Check the checkbox that says "What do you want to do after the Connector is saved?" Check to "Turn it On"
Select the "Only when emails are sent to these domains" radio button, and then click "+"
Enter a "*" (a single asterisk), and click “OK"
Click "Next"
Choose "Route email through these smart hosts", and click the "+" button
enter "" and click "Save”
Click "Next"
Select the checkbox "Always use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the connection (recommended)", and the option "Any digital certificate, including self-signed certificates", and then click "Next"
Click "Next”
Now we need to validate that the connector is working.  Click the "+" sign and enter an email address for testing, and click "ok”
Enter in an email address at a different domain from your own.
Then click "Validate"
If all is successful, you'll see the message "Done!  You've completed the operation."
Click "Close"
And then click "Save”



Note:  MailRoute will automatically recognize that you are using Office 365 for your outbound service, so you do not need to enter an outbound mailserver in the MailRoute Control Panel.

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