Configuring o365 Outbound

Login to Admin and Select Exchange, then MailFlow.  Select Connectors and then select the + to add a new connector.


Choose Office 365 in the From category and choose Partner organization in the 'To' category



You will be prompted to name the new connector.  The choice is a personal preference but something like MailRoute Outbound would be optimal for future reference.



Click Next and your next screen will prompt you when do you want to use this connector.  Select "Only when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this connector"


Click Next.

You will prompted to choose how to route email message.  Select "Route email through these smart hosts". Click on the + and add "".  Click Next.



Your next screen is a confirmation of your selections. If everything looks correct, click Next.



You may validate your new connector to make sure it works.




Note:  MailRoute will automatically recognize that you are using Office 365 for your outbound service, so you do not need to enter an outbound mailserver in the MailRoute Control Panel.

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