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Account Security at MailRoute
What is 2FA?
Two-factor authentication confirms a user's identity by using two components of authentication, or 'validity checks'. An everyday example is like paying for items with your credit card and being asked for a piece of photo I.D. to validate the identity of you and the details on the credit card.
Regular authentication requires "something you know": a password. With 2fa, we've add another factor to the sign-in process: "something you have".  What's the "something you have"?  That's your mobile phone, typically. That way, if someone guesses or steals your password, they still cannot login without your mobile phone.
Our 2fa implementation is typical in our industry: It requires you to have an app on your phone. It is synchronized with our server, and it displays a six-digit code that changes once a minute. You have to type in that code to login.
How does it work with MailRoute?
First, you need to install a 2fa app on your phone.
Authy, available for both iOS and Android:
Google Authenticator for iPhone:
For Android:
2fa can be enabled or disabled for your MailRoute account. It's found in the Settings menu under your login name, in the upper-right corner of the Control Panel:
At the top of the Settings screen is:
Clicking "Enable" will walk you through a wizard to set up 2fa for your account.
The first thing displayed is a QR Code. Authenticator or Authy can scan this code using your phone's camera to store the MailRoute keys in the device. The app will then display a six-digit code. Enter that code under "Token" to synchronize the MailRoute Control Panel and your phone.
After you enter in the token and click Next, you'll have set up 2fa for your account and can start using it.
Your security is our primary focus.
For additional safety, we want to also have a backup method for accessing our Control Panel, in case you don't have your cell phone with Authenticator/Authy. So click "Add Phone Number" to add a backup authentication method:
This can be your cell phone, but if you lose your phone, you'll have to get a replacement set up on the same number before you can access our Control Panel again. So you might choose to use a different number instead.
Enter your phone number. Select your country from the pull-down menu and then add your phone number:
Click "Next" and you'll get either an SMS message or a phone call with a six-digit number to enter on the next screen.
After entering the token and clicking "Next" you'll be at your general Account Security page:
Here, you can add additional backup phone numbers, disable 2fa, or get one-time use backup tokens.
What are one-time use backup tokens?  When you click "Show Codes", it will generate a set of one-time use tokens.  You can print these out and keep them safe. Don't share them with anyone, of course! If you lose your phone and need to get access to our Control Panel, you can use one of the one-time use tokens.
Now you're ready to go. 
Log out of the site, and log back in. Everything looks the same at first:
Click "Sign In" and you're now asked for your token:
Enter the token from Authenticator/Authy, or use one of the backup methods, and then you will be in the control panel.
It's an extra step whenever you login to our site, but security is worth it!
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