Tuesday September 26 06:10am Pacific Time Mail Delay Event

Tuesday September 26 06:10am Pacific Time

MailRoute faced a DDOS attack that spanned multiple datacenters.  It began just before midnight Pacific Time on September 25 and was finally completely stopped by 5:40am.

During this time, access to our control panel, and many of our server clusters was affected, preventing inbound and outbound network traffic from a variety of locations. Our engineers, in cooperation with our datacenter providers have blocked the sources of this traffic and restored all services.  

This attack will have caused many sender's email servers to be unable to receive a response to our global load-balancing system. These sending servers should queue up and retry delivery of these messages, which are now able to come through.  We do expect that the flood of traffic will cause our email processing to be a bit slower than usual for the next few hours.

We are taking steps with our bandwidth providers to put several additional levels of DDOS protection in place, to prevent this sort of attack from happening again. We are keeping everybody on high alert to monitor all traffic live, and in real-time to be certain that we have completely stopped the attack.  We currently see no indication that the attackers are finding any success at this time, and we are dedicated to being certain they do not.


Thank you for your patience and for choosing MailRoute as your anti-spam provider. 

MailRoute Support

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    Erik Bekkers | DBA.nl

    Since the e-mails service was completely malfunctioning for a long time, I suppose it's time for you to remove the 'Zero Downtime' and '99.999% uptime garanteed' from your home-page. Greetings, Erik Bekkers

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    MailRoute Support

    Hello Erik,

    Thank you for adding this here. We addressed this in our private correspondence with you and appreciate the opportunity to address this with all of our valued customers.

    For clarification, please note that “no downtime” refers to the Continuity service. Filtering is 99.999% uptime (downtime of 26 seconds).

    MailRoute was able to fulfil our obligation as stated in section 2.5 of our Terms of Service <https://www.mailroute.net/terms-conditions/>.

    This was a deliberate attack on our system, not a failure of our system. MailRoute was able to protect our customers' data during this time and successfully block any attempt of access.

    Thank you for using MailRoute!

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