Interface Upgrades April 2017

These are the noticeable changes to the user interface / admin portal at
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1. Reporting 
MailRoute has enhanced our reporting tools with our version of dashboard reports. This feature allows admins to pull data from domain traffic for analysis. 
Generate Reports:
- Number of emails received/blocked/delivered
- Categories of rejected/blocked emails (spam, virus, etc)
- Top 20: viruses, recipients, banned files, clean recipients, spam recipients 
How it works:
Login to MailRoute at and click on the Domain. On the left hand side of the screen you will see a Reports section. Click on any of the report categories, enter the date range and click Generate.
2. Banned File Types
MailRoute is always pushing new rules to our filters. As part of our anti-virus protection, .js and .jar have been added to the list of banned file types to block malware containing java and javascript files.
The standard filetypes blocked by this filter include: '.bat', '.cmd', '.com', '.cpl', '.dll', '.exe', 'jar', '.js', '.pif', '.scr', and '.vbs'.
3. LDAP Sync of Aliases and Distribution Lists
LDAP sync has been enhanced to provide for easier import of Aliases and Distribution Lists, to assist with your account management.  
MailRoute servers can query your LDAP server for lists of valid mailboxes, aliases and distribution lists. Any changes you make to your mailbox lists will be updated via sync, in your MailRoute account.
4. Continuity and Archiving Lite: Admin Activation
Click here for more information on this service, and contact for pricing and a demo. 
Thanks for using MailRoute!
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    Envision Ground Control

    The reporting looks great! I would love to be able to get these reports emailed on a regular (monthly) basis in a PDF format. 

    Edited by Envision Ground Control
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    R.A. Plecas

    Thanks for the feedback! We'll look into adding monthly distribution. For now, you can download the reports based on any parameters you choose. 

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