Whitelisting and Blacklisting: Domain-wide

Domain-wide White and Black listings:

As an administrator, you can whitelist or blacklist entries that apply to every user in your domain. Individual user settings override these domain-wide settings: if you block aol.com for the domain, but an end user allows user@aol.com, or even all of aol.com, then their settings will override the domain-wide settings.

Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Whitelisting and blacklisting allows or blocks messages sent by specific senders. Please be aware that email senders can be forged - you can't rely on the sender 100%.

Blacklisted senders are blocked and end up in the quarantine.

Whitelisted senders always get past the spam filters, but if their messages are corrupt or virus infected, our other filters may capture them, in order to keep you well-protected.


Add individual senders or domains with the "Add" and choose Whitelist or Blacklist. 




 Or enter many at once with the "Bulk Operations" menu and choose "Bulk Add Whitelisted Senders" or "Bulk Add Blacklisted Senders".


You can whitelist or blacklist:

Addresses: user@domain.com

Domains: domain.com

TLD's (top level domains): .info, .tv, .eu, etc  (be sure to leave the preceding dot out when adding TLD's)


More specific entries override the less specific, so you can block aol.com, but exempt your Mom by allowing mom@aol.com.


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